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Our company was established in 1971 by Joseph Malakieh.
During our years of experience and market research, we have always gained
an excellent reputation in supplying our high quality products to our customers .
We would like to introduce a small range of our various products.
As you can notice, we manufacture cooking pots & oven handles,
all kinds of machine & electric accessories (Made of Bakelite), gift Items ...
Our products are exported from Syria to most Arab countries.
We look forward to establish business contacts with other international companies.

Our goal is your satisfaction, contact us.

Damascus Syria
Telefax: +963 11 4529222 4526222
Mobile: +963 933537536

Chemical Site 257- Adra Industrial City
Damascus Syria
Telefax: +963 11 5852000 5851081
Mobile : +963 932 111179